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Excellent work on Nov 19th! My professor, who observed our class, said you were all fabulous and I agree! Thanks for your hard work on the great presentations & discussion that followed.

Titus Andronicus. BBC Shakespeare Plays. Ambrose Video, 1985.
What does Shakespeare say in blood that he can’t say in words? How does the action on stage, the sets, the bodies of the actors, and non grammatical sound compete with against Marcus’ high rhetoric? What’s the connection between Lavinia and civilization?
Part I. Think (10-15 mins)
One your own, (re)read Marcus’ reaction to seeing Lavinia when he encounters her just after the assault 2.4.9-60). Afterwards, respond to some of the following prompts in a freewrite: What’s the purpose of Marcus’ speech? Does he achieve his goal? What phrases, words, images, etc. does Marcus repeat? What sorts of allusions does he make? How/why does he move from one image to another?
Part II. Pair (10 mins)
Pair up with a neighbor, compare your findings from the freewrite, and then compare Marcus’ reading of Lavina another instance of her in the play. So go back to acts 1 & 2, and compare how Marcus talks about & for her to one instance where she talks for herself. OR, compare how Marcus talks for/about her to one other instance where a character speaks on her behalf. OR, compare Marcus’ response to one instance where Lavinia “speaks” for herself after loosing her tongue and hands. BE PREPARED TO DISCUSS SPECIFIC TEXTUAL INSTANCES.
Part III. Square (10 mins)
Pairs join up to make groups of four, compare your findings, and then respond to the opening questions. May also want to think compare your reading of the text to Julie Tamor’s adaptation.

Titus. Dir. Julie Taymor. Perf. Anthony Hopkins, Jessica Lang, & Alan Cumming. Clear Blue Sky Productions, 1999. 4.1



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