Self-Fashioning. 29 Sept.

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Last Thursday I walked you through the basics of Piktochart and we did some word search work in the following databases: OpenSourceShakespeare; OED; and UrbanDictionary. We also watched the “wooing scene” (2.1) from Franco Zeffirelli’s Shrew (1967) that stars Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Overall, it seems like we found the character blocking, line delivery, and the visual rhetoric jarring. Our response to the film, leads me to ask the following questions:

  • One: if you were directing a production of Shrew (in general or pick a specific scene), what would you do differently? How would stage it?
  • Two: is The Taming of the Shrew too old fashioned to do the same sort of work that The Tempest does? Specifically, and as many of you successfully argued in your papers, does Shrew both incorporate ideas that were popular at the time it was written and help us make sense of things happening to us in our present?

Part I. Renaissance Self-Fashioning

Please get into the groups that follow, introduce yourselves to your peers, and then respond to the prompts below. Write down as much as you will need to participate in discussion and be prepared to cite specific instances from the text.

  • 1. Ainee, Hannah M., Nicholas, & Robert
  • 2. Alexandra, Jeffery, Danny, & Angeline
  • 3. Kelsey, Beau, Caroline, Chan, & Thomas
  • 4. June, Sun, Isabelle, Patrick, Shamala, & Bailey
  • 5. Kira, Sarah, Madison, Tony, & Hannah P.

Cite two any two pieces of evidence from the play to support your response to the following question. That said, you might want to pay special attention to Bianca’s music/Latin lesson (3.1) and Biondello’s description of Petruccio and his horse (3.2.42-61 & 62-68).
Do the characters in Taming of the Shrew construct their own identities, or are their identities constructed for them by outside forces? And…so what?

Part II. Collaboratively Generated Assessment Criteria for Visual Rendering Assignment

We are going to generate the criteria I use to assess the final drafts of your Visual Renderings as a group. In order to generate the assessment criteria, please complete the steps below:

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