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Website Afterlives. FAQ.

I suggest you revise the site into a professional digital portfolio. Your portfolios can be organized around a central theme of your work/research, or your professional identity can serve as the basis of the site. Once you choose a guiding idea and set of images, you can organize your larger Domain network accordingly. You may also want to revise the site in anticipation of taking another Domain of One’s Own course at Emory.
You need reorganize your content by moving the work you produced for this course into a separate section of the larger website, perhaps under a tab called Shakespeare’s Globe or ENG 210. OR, you can move the coursework generated for this class into a separate sub website that you connect to your main website. Either way, remember that a personal site (arranged thematically or according to your online identity) will likely include navigation options that direct users to pages/subdomains with content such as Resume, CourseWork, OutReach, and/or SocialMedia. Visualize your main site as a hub that supports all your interests.
You may want to move the content you generated for Shakespeare’s Globe over to a subdomain. A subdomain is an add-on domain, or a site that operates separately out of the root domain you registered. For instance my root domain is mckennarose.org and the course site shakespeare.mckennarose.org is a subdomain. Follow these instructions to move your site to a new subdomain.
Yes! I will be available online or inperson all next semester, so if you have questions email me at msrose@emory.edu. Also, the Emory Writing Center staff is trained to support web writing. Remember, if you get stuck with any sort of online writing, Google the problem and then use the instructional and then try to work through it with the instructional information the search yields.

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MLA In-Text Basics

Function Description
Quotation Marks Unless you are citing a text that is more than four typed lines, end punctuation goes underneath quotation marks.
Block/Long Quotes For block or long citations, start a new line and indent 1”; no quotation marks; and parenthetical goes after the end punctuation.
In-Text Citations If author/title is named in a signal phrase, just follow the citation with page number(s) or act.scene.line number(s). EX: (1.2.34-42)
Paper Format Upper Left: Your Name, Teacher’s Name, Course Title, Date. Double space; title; double space; indent; and begin first paragraph

MLA Works Cited

For blog posts please link to alphanumeric sources, i.e. if you are citing The Tempest, link to an online database source. Be sure to link all images to the URL on which you found them. Check out this page for more help on Attributing Photos in WordPress. For longer assignments, please include a “works cited” below the main body of the text.

Document Notation
Book Author Last Name, First Name. Tile of Work. Edition. Editor(s). Place Published: Publisher, Date Published.
Article Last Name, First Name. “Article Title.” Journal Title Volume.Issue (Date): Page Range.
Website Editor, Author, or Compiler (if available). Name of the Site. Version Number. Name of Organization/Institution Affiliated with the Site. Date of Resource Creation. Medium of Publication. Date Accessed.  

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WordPress Help


In the table that follows you will find a list of functions and links to help documents that follows the same order in which we installed and configured WordPress during our class workshop.

Function Action
Installation If you need help signing up for a domain through Reclaim or installing WP to your domain check out Installing WordPress
WordPress Basics If you need help identifying parts of the WP dashboard; adding pages or posts; changing your reading settings; or adding themes check out Configuring WordPress on Your Domain
Custom Menus If you need help managing menus check out Working With Custom Menus
Themes If you are looking for resources on themes check out WordPress Themes and Working with Themes in WordPress
Managing Media If you need help working with images check out Publishing Content and scroll down to Media
Digital Citizenship If you need help with attributing images check out Attributing Photos and Searching for CC Licensed Photos
Customization Check out these pages if you need help with plug-ins, configuring widgets, or managing comment settings
Further Help Check out the general help documents WordPress has published. Plus you can find more WP help links to in the right hand sidebar.
Domain Ethos If you want to know why we encourage you to do this sort of publication check out this line, Anatomy of a Domain