During the second half of the semester, you will each be responsible for one 10×30 slideshare presentation in which you make an argument, provide context, or draw attention to a problem in Richard II, or Titus Andronicus. The presentation is an opportunity to generate conversation through visual and aural rhetoric. For full credit you will convert your presentation into a slideshow with an audio track, and upload it to a static webpage with a short head note and a works cited.

Projected Learning Outcomes

Performing a 10X30 slideshow meets the following learning outcomes: analysis, persuasion, and collaboration. You will present in groups of three the date of your choice. The presentations are designed to spark conversations about the plays. They are open ended and formative, not a summary of things you have learned. Please note the design and visual rhetoric skills required in the presentation will draw on skills we built in previous activities.


Power Point, iMovie, or Google Slides. All three tools have a setting for automatic advance, and the links direct you to ‘how to’ animate videos.


  • Compose a slideshow with al least 10 slides, set to scroll automatically. Slides should have minimal copy, express the guiding metaphor of your project, and spark conversation. When you present be sure your spoken portion is in synch with the slide scroll.
  • Perform your slideshow on the date of your choice
  • NO MORE THAN 10 DAYS after the presentation export the PowerPoint to imovie, and record your narration over the slide show
  • Upload the movie, with recorded narration, to YouTube
  • Embed the YouTube file on a dedicated page on your site beneath a 150-200 word introduction
  • INTRODUCTION/HEADER: Please write a short paragraph in which you provide an abstract of the form and content of your presentation. Remember an abstract should provide a few sentences that give a general overview of the argument and goals of the text. Follow the overview with a quick description of the evidence used and the form in which it is delivered. Conclude with a sentence or two on the presentation’s success a persuasive document with in environmental discourse
  • For full credit please include at least 2 citations from your play.
  • Include a list of “Sources Cited” beneath the movie on the dedicated page.


As always your peers and I are your primary audience, yet please also keep an ever expanding, global Internet audience in mind for this paper. What style, tone, and vocabulary choices will you have to make to suit both the audience, and the subject matter for each project? Explain quotations and images do so as if your audience has never read the texts you discuss; determine the most effect ration between audio, verbal, and visual text; and make best choice for overall ease of use.

  • Is the presentation organized around clearly articulated claim, theme, context, or image?
  • Did presenters draw details from valid secondary sources?
  • Did visual/audio enhance understanding?
  • Did presentation close read primary source citations?
  • Did presentation provoke discussion?
  • Did presenters upload their resources on or before the due date?