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Responding with Screencast

Multimodal Assessment The following is a mock-up of feedback to a draft of a student site produced in Camtasia. There are several other screencast tools available to achieve the same outcomes such as Screencast-o-matic and Snagit for Google (produced by Techsmith who also make Camtasia). Please note that the final assignment lays out a tier, i.e baseline and aspirational, assessment [...]

Infographics Exercise

Step One: Analysis Read through the Infographics below. As you read, consider some of the following questions: Step Two: Making Graphics with Piktochart While there are many great graphics makers available online, and you can make graphics in Google Presentations and PowerPoint, Piktochart has a wide range of options and can be embedded in WP pages. As a result, Piktochart is [...]
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