Assignment Value Description
Website 10% From the start of the semester you will be responsible for building a Word Press based website to house and publish all major and minor projects.
Blog 10% You’ll write several blog posts over the course of the semester in response to a series of assigned prompts
Short Paper 10% The goal of this short essay is to persuade your readers of the efficacy of your argument driven analysis of The Tempest in 1000-1200 words. You’ll publish your short paper as a .pdf in a blog post with a 1-3 sentence precis.
Visual Rendering 10% The goal of this design project is to render The Taming of the Shrew in visual iconography to help other readers understand the plot, characters, themes, and/or figures more fully. You’ll publish your visual rendering to your sites with a short reflection.
Digital Edition 15% King Lear has a very complex textual history. To better understand the practice of scholarly bibliography and gain analytical skills, you will produce a digital edition of one scene of your choice. You’ll publish the edition to your site with a short introduction for your readers.
Presentation 15% During the second half of the semester, you will each be responsible for one 10×30 slideshare presentation in which you make an argument or draw attention to a problem in either Richard II or Titus Andronicus. The presentation is an opportunity to generate conversation through visual and aural rhetoric. For full credit you will convert your presentation into a slideshow with an audio track, and upload it to a static webpage with a short head note and a works cited.
Digital Shakespeare Webtexts  20% For your final project you will fully develop your sites into scholarly webtexts, reflect on the skills you have gained, and project how the skills/content from this course can transfer to other courses and your work beyond the university. For full credit you will need to complete the following tasks by Dec 11 at 5:00pm: write a 1,000-1,200 word reflective introductory essay to be posted to your About/Home page, and revise the layout/content of all pages to demonstrate a visual and thematic cohesion across the entire site.
10% Please arrive to class on time, with all reading and writing assignments completed, and then contribute significantly to class discussions and workshops. Your participation grade will reflect successful completion of in-class writing and informal homework responses.

Scale Description
A 4.0
A- 3.7
Extremely high quality work, effort, and performance beyond minimum requirements. Excellent attendance and substantial contributions to discussions
B+ 3.3, B 3.0, B- 2.7 Well-written work that continues to improve. A level of effort and performance beyond minimum requirements. Good attendance and contributions to discussions.
C+ 2.3, C 2.0, C-1.7 Generally competent work and a level of effort that meets course requirements. Regular attendance and contributions to discussions.
D+ 1.3, D 1.0 Work that is uneven in quality or suggests minimal competence. Irregular attendance and minimal contributions to discussions.
F 0.0 Incomplete or unacceptable work. No real effort to participate in class discussions. Four or more absences.